How to remove dust from furniture? Some practical suggestions

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In spite of cleaning our homes frequently, dust persists when we least expect it, in order to combat this dirt take into account these tips.

1. Sweep the floor four times a week.

Usually after cooking a mess is left behind. Therefore, it is recommended to sweep the floor at the end of cooking to prevent dirt and dust from building up gradually.

2. Mop the floor twice a week.

It is exhausting, but in particular shoes or pets store dust and dirt, avoid this by mopping a couple of times a week. Your house will be dust free!

3. Vacuum floors and furniture

It is necessary to vacuum the ENTIRE house even if it is tedious, so once a month will be a great option to remove any existing dust particles. Vacuuming furniture and couches is key.

4. Dust furniture with microfiber cloths or rags.

Microfiber cloths are great accomplices when it comes to cleaning, they make it much simpler and faster.

5. Wash the bed linen and the covers of your armchairs.

The cleaning must be carried out from the root, try to wash the bed linen and cushions related to them. Without forgetting to change them every 15 days to avoid the accumulation of dust and the appearance of allergies.

6. Shake rugs and cushions once a month.

If you use rugs, you should know that dust particles hide under them. Sweep, mop and vacuum!

7. Get rid of old items

Many old objects and utensils without daily use tend to keep a lot of dust, it is best to get rid of them if they are not used for a year.

8. Clean walls and ceilings

Ceilings and walls are just as important, don't forget to clean them! You can help yourself with a mop to reach very high surfaces.

9. Do not store newspapers and magazines

The material of newspapers and magazines tends to be very rough and store dirt particles, the wisest thing to do is to remove these materials that generate dirt.

10. Goodbye to fabrics everywhere

In the homes of older people, there are usually plenty of fabrics or curtains. In the kitchen, windows, bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen. If you do without them, it is much easier to keep the house clean and free of dust and lint.

If you take these suggestions into account, it is an invitation to a home free of dust, lint and Sweep the floor four times a week.